This Week's Obsession: 'Okja' Trailer - May 21st 2017 by Michael Zayas

I've been a Bong Joon-ho fan since I rented The Host from Blockbuster the year it came out. A movie which I still consider one of the best monster movies of all time. Okja didn't really have to be "sold" to me, I would've seen it regardless but my gosh did this trailer KILL it. 

Full disclosure, I'm a Vegetarian and a passionate Animal Rights advocate so already the subject of the film and how the story is presented in the trailer is tailored to me. Out of curiosity I watched a few "trailer reaction" videos to see how people experienced the trailer. Seeing them immediately fall in love with Okja and feel the stakes of what's going on is pretty extraordinary and brings a bit of a tear to my eye. 

Let's get down to the trailer though shall we? The Mamas And Papas. How freakin' perfect. The 3rd Act turn with "You should know the situation is not good" is just beautiful. I had a suspicion when I watched it a few times that the Editor added claps throughout the ending build, and when I listen to the song again it turns out I was right. It's a trailer-nerd's wet dream basically. 

A wonderful appreciative thank you to the team that made this trailer. So much love heading your way. <3

FAVORITE MOMENT: The finale build starting at 01:37 with Jake Gyllenhaal's ladies and gentlemen line.

FAVORITE LINE: Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together. For the one. The Only-

- Zayas

This Week's Obsession is a weekly post where I write about trailers that I love. I have not worked on any of these trailers that are in these posts. I always will chose trailers from other trailer houses that I have only experienced for the first time as they are released.