Immortal - Kickstarter Video

A Successfully Funded Kickstarter!
Kickstarter video for Game-o-Gami's new game Immortal. 

A really fun new board and card game! Meeting David Sanhueza the creator of Immortal and seeing his passion for gaming was what really made this project a blast to work on. The artwork and the amount of dedication David had to making a fun experience for players was incredibly impressive.

Being a Kickstarter video we really just wanted to get across the passion, value, and dedication that David put into the work. Making the game a must have for players.

The Iceberg Project - Learn Italian

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The home page explainer video for Cher Hale's The Iceberg Project.

We really focused here on not just what the brand offers but her story behind it. How overcoming the challenge of learning a language changed her life, and can positively change other people's lives forever. Her journey to teach other people by giving them that same freedom made me very proud to be part of such a great Start Up.